Astrological Grimoire

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This is your pocket-size astrological handbook for navigating life events and accessing your intuition.
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It's your all-seeing guide for self-reflection through horoscopes, rituals, altars and affirmations. It's your key to perceiving your role in the ever shifting movement of the stars, moon and planets. 

  • Read the moon and mood-based horoscopes in the current astrological season for guidance on a project, event or situation
  • Learn how all signs impact your life, and work through your sun, moon, rising, planetary, and house signs as a means of personal discovery
  • Embrace the astrological seasons using the altars, affirmations, and rituals for each sign 


  • Features metallic belly band and cover
  • 208 pages 
  • Printed with responsibly sourced paper
  • Divided by zodiac signs
  • Includes interactive journaling/creative activities 
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