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A set of 8 unsharpened #2 pencils embossed with zodiac themed quotes.

Not your standard #2 pencil! The perfect way to throw a little personality into your basic school supply rotation. Be wary of those pesky "pencil borrowers"... 

On Back of Box: 

Aquarius: You have a deep understanding of human nature and would excel at writing straight-to-DVD chick flicks. Your desire to save the whole planet keeps you mindful of doing real work for the people. That said, you're mostly valued for your nonstop partying and unstoppable quest to obtain the latest everything. 
Pisces: You have a large capacity for helping those in distress. You are sympathetic to the world's unfortunate, including every stray animal and helpless soul you meet. People like you because of your unbridled optimism. Might want to keep that in check, though. Collecting parking tickets shouldn't fondly be referred to as a "hobby."
Aries: You are a natural competitor with very little patience for whiners. You're a doer, not a dreamer and are not given to long, drawn-out emotional moments. People like you because you look hot in shorts. This is the year to take your shower singing act on the road. 
Taurus: You are extremely reliable and protective of loved ones. Both loyal and committed, you have a stick-to-it-ness that others admire and you ensure there's never a single drop left in the bottle of Dom Perignon. People like you because you appreciate the finer things in life and can party hard without a single hair out of place. 
Gemini: You are a natural flirt and tend to seek out mentors in the form of wise-is (and sexy) bartenders. In terms of introvert and extrovert, you tend to swing both ways, depending on the day... or cocktail. And even though you've been called "out there" on more than one occasion, people like you because you're the good kind of crazy.
Cancer: You're no stranger to thumb-sucking, but you're not a total pushover, either. It's just that you have all those FEELINGS and it sometimes makes you need hugs more than most. People like you as much for your creativity as they do for your desire to day drink under an afghan and watch Snapped marathons with your bestie. 
Leo: You are extremely charismatic and irresistible to most everyone you meet. You are generally the only person in the room who counts— and you know it. It's not your fault you were born for such greatness. People like you almost as much as you like you. 
Virgo: You are cautious and careful when sober, and tend to only let loose during pre-planned events. You have a firm grasp on the number of drinks both you and anyone else has ever had, and prefer to be in charge of the designated driver list. People like you because you look like a sexy professor and always have the answers. 
Libra: You're a lover of art and all things beautiful and intellectual. That's why you always date hotties with graduate degrees. Not one to enjoy alone time, you are at your best when in a solid relationship, or at least a decent one-night stand. People like you because you tend to agree with everything. 
Scorpio: You are passionate and fierce and do not suffer fools gladly. You have the ambiance and appeal of a leather-clad supervillain and tend to keep your own entourage in tow. People like you because you always have the best ideas for revenge. 
Sagittarius: You are wild and free and enjoy traveling to the far ends of the earth with your band of merry mischief-makers. Not one for long-term goals or commitments, you tend to disappear in the middle of the night for spur-of-the-moment road trips. People like you because you always have the good party favors.
Capricorn: You are in avid pursuit of wealth and power, but are more grounded than a world traveler on a no-fly list. People like you because you're filthy rich. And even though your source of income might be considered "iffy," there's nothing sexier than a bit of danger and a wad of cash. 


  • Each pencil set includes a "selfie pencil" with backwards text
  • Includes 8 unsharpened standard #2 pencils 
  • Made in Ohio

Whiskey River Soap Co. is a local company based out of Columbus, OH, specializing in sassy, funny and not-so-subtle gifts and goods. 


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