About Us

Our Origins 

“Wanderlust can be a way of living on the planet. It’s always a commitment and a risk, as well as a conscious choice. For us, our wanderlust was a powerful motivator.

To plan an adventure and get out there to travel the world was the catalyst, creating an import business to S.W. Ohio that would support our travel habit was the vision, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

In 1988, we began Pangaea International as a couple of backpackers with the urge to explore.

Traveling opens your eyes and minds, and in our experience, that makes all the difference. We actively imported for many years, traveling throughout South East Asia and Northern Africa, creating and collecting hand-crafted objets d’art. 

We have always loved the excitement of retail and that magic moment when someone connects with their perfect piece.

So we set down roots in Cincinnati, opening Pangaea Trading Company in 1992 in the Clifton Gaslight District to showcase our unique and affordable clothing and accessories. Through the years we’ve evolved, adding Toko Baru to house our ever-growing collection of imported gifts and treasures and Kismet, to blend the best of both worlds into one carefully curated space.

As we grew, we expanded to open boutiques in Over-The-Rhine, O’Bryonville, Yellow Springs and Athens OH, building relationships and developing roots in the communities closest to our hearts. The next natural step in our evolution was to translate our globally inspired boutiques into an online venture. “I love that store” is the most common response we get when any of our stores are mentioned and the name just felt... right. We hope you find your slice of magic! Enjoy!" 

- Jocelyn and Victor, Founders/Owners of the iluvthatstore family 

Our Philosophy 

iluvthatstore is more than just a family of stores. Our vision is to bring locally sourced and worldly inspired products to our community through a unique shopping experience. We believe that everything comes around full circle— what you give is what you get. Following our “win, win, win” philosophy allows us to focus on what matters most— our customers, our suppliers, and our footprint.  We work with as many independent wholesalers and small businesses as we can to find high quality products at fair prices. That, combined with our friendly customer service and focus on community, is what makes visiting this sisterhood of "iluvthatstores" bigger than just shopping.